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What is the ultimate horror? For Holland Price (Loree), it is losing everything he loves. Holland is a devoted family man whose life is turned upside-down by a horrifying figure one Halloween. For ten years, he is haunted by his nightmares of that terrible night. But once his life finally returns to normal, Mr. Hush (Young) and his henchman, Stark (Geoffreys), arrive. Driven by a lifetime of hatred toward the Price family, Mr. Hush continues to taunt Holland. But why? Follow our hero on his emotional rollercoaster ride as he descends into a dank and villainous world to see the face of darkness for what it is – the face of Mr. Hush. Two men, fueled by love lost, collide in this chilling battle of good vs. evil.

Horror icon Stephen Geoffreys (FRIGHT NIGHT) returns to classic horror in MR. HUSH. Starring Brad Loree (HALLOWEEN:RESURRECTION), Steve Dash (FRIDAY THE 13th, PART II) and Edward X. Young (SEA OF DUST).
Special appearance by Brian O'Halloran (CLERKS). Written and directed by David Lee Madison (MIDDLE VILLAGE).

"Perhaps the perfect reflection of its genre"
-HorrorHound Magazine #38

"A modernized rendition of classic horror… I am now a believer in MR.HUSH!"
-Rob Dimension, Horror Society

★★★★☆ "Horror Fans will seek this film out to see Stephen Geoffreys of FRIGHT NIGHT fame"

★★★★☆ "Sinister Cinema is alive and well...MR.HUSH is an intriguing mystery from the get-go!"
-Jonathan Stryker, Horror Express


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