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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Mr. Hush Weekend of Fear?  It is a three-day celebration of the horror, scifi, and pop culture genres, where you can get autographs from horror icons, enjoy films, buy merchandise such as toys and comic books, take part in great events and much more.


How can I get tickets?  Do I have to purchase my tickets on line?  Tickets can be purchased on line with a credit card or paypal or they can be purchased by mail using the order form on this website. Tickets are also available at the event site.  If the event does not sell out in advance, tickets will be available at the event. 


When will I receive my tickets?  Daily tickets are usually sent out within 1 week of placing your order.  If it has been 3 weeks since placing your order and you still have not received your daily tickets, please email tickets@mrhush.net.  All daily tickets that have been ordered though August 21 will be mailed. For any orders placed after August 21 and ALL WEEKEND passes, tickets will be available for pickup at the event.


I ordered tickets but I got these wristbands instead- where are my tickets?    The wristbands are your admission tickets.  Please make sure you do not lose them as they cannot be replaced.  You will need to wear your wristband to gain admission to all parts of the event.


How much will the stars charge for their autograph? The stars decide that for themselves. On average, most charge about $20-35 for a signed color photo but each one is different.


I am only coming to see one guest, can you guarantee I will get to meet that person?
There is NO guarantee that you will get to meet any one particular guest. We try our best to make it so that as many people as possible can get to meet the guests they want. However due to the popularity of certain guests, the lines can get very long and it is possible that time can run out.

Can I bring a camera or video camera?  You may bring a camera but not a video camera.  All events are property of Mr. Hush LLC and any recordings cannot be reproduced, rebroadcast, or sold without express written permission.


Can I take a picture with a star?  Stars usually allow fans who purchase their autograph to take a picture with them, but remember to be polite and ask first.


Will there be food and refreshments?  The hotel has 2 restaurants and a bar which will have food and beverages available for purchase and there are other restaurants and fast food locations very nearby.


Is there anything else to do nearby?  Absolutely!  Mohigan Sun at Pocono Downs is right down the street- it has a casino and live harness racing on Saturday night.






 For general information about the event, email info@mrhush.net


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