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Autograph and Vendor Room hours:
Friday 5PM-10PM
Saturday 11AM-7PM
Sunday 11AM-4PM



Film, Panel and Event Schedule: 

6:00PM Apocalypse Kiss
8:00PM Friday 13th Q&A
9:00PM Film Makers Forum
10:30PM Cosplay Costume Party
10:50AM Abram's Hand
12:30PM Holiday of the Dead
2:00PM Wrestler Q&A
3:00PM Dead Woman's Hollow
5:00PM Clerks Q&A
6:00PM The Inflicted
7:30PM The Hanover House
9:30PM Celebrity Karaoke
11:00AM Co-Ed Campfire Carnage
Noon Children's Costume Parade
12:30PM Deatherman
  2:00PM Mr Hush




Friday, September 5th - Cosplay Costume Party
Costume Party

What better way to end the first day of the convention than with a Cosplay Costume Party on Friday night (September 5th),   Admission is included with your Friday or Weekend pass.   Costumes are not required for admittance to the party. 

The winner of best costume and their guest will have dinner with   Brian O’Halloran (Dante from Clerks 1&2, Mallrats, Dogma, Vulgar, Miss December, Blood Slumber Party) and David Madison (Writer/Director of Mr.Hush and radio host of The End of the Night) on Saturday night (September 6th) at Crescenzo’s in the Woodlands Inn. So come join the Mr. Hush posse for the fright of your life.

(winning costume cannot be bought or rented- it must be something that you created or something that has been significantly altered.  Nothing dangerous or obscene, no weapons allowed or anything messy needing cleanup)   (Please note that celebrities attending this event will not be signing autographs, but will be signing in the autograph room during scheduled hours)




Saturday, September 6th - Celebrity Karaoke
Karaoke King

Saturday night (September 6th), coming to us from his memorable performance in Atlantic City, join the King of Karaoke, Brian O’Halloran, as he hosts Celebrity Karaoke.  Come sing along with the stars.




Sunday, September 7th - Children's Costume Parade
On Sunday, September 7th, between Noon and 1PM, we will have a children's costume parade. Five kids will be chosen, based upon the best homemade costume, to receive a DVD copy of the great Halloween special,  Dear Dracula. Participants must be 14 and under, and accompanied by an adult. (Remember, children 10 and under are admitted to the show for free with a paying adult.)



Film Screenings:

The Inflicted

David O'Hara is a troubled medical student who kidnaps, rapes and murders women. He impregnates one of his victims, Melissa Daniels, in an attempt to replace the family that he lost as a young boy. However, the police rescue Melissa from David's warehouse, and David goes on a murderous rampage to get his 'family' back.  Bill Mosley, Sid Haig, Doug Bradley.


Returning from his father’s funeral, Robert Foster is faced with the unimaginable; he hits a young girl with his car. In a desperate attempt to save her life, he seeks help at a nearby farmhouse. Little does Robert know that the house has been waiting for him his entire life. Once inside its walls, Robert must overcome his own personal demon’s in an attempt to save both his wife and himself. But there’s a problem, only one may leave The Hanover House alive. Deatherman


Dead Womans Hollow

Along the Appalachian Trail Jen (Mel Heflin) and Donna's (Sarah Snyder) college project to find peace in a bruised and battered world runs into the true face of fear and evil...Leroy (Boodle Montgomery). The story of Dead Woman's Hollow unfolds by following a murder investigation by Sheriff Hatsley (Charles Dawson). The crime reveals many layers to the quest of truth. The true horror being our ability to hate and the true fear of the killer in us all.




In this futuristic science fiction thriller, government security agent Jerry Hipple has been unsuccessfully tracking the city's most infamous criminal The Red Harvest Killer. When two nomadic lovers, Katia and Gladys enter the city the death count rises and are being credited as Red Harvest killings. Obsessive compulsive Adrian, the actual Red Harvest Killer becomes furious that the sexy serial killing duo are grabbing media attention under his alias. Not only does Adrian attempt to reclaim his rightful reputation but he also decides to cleverly aid his detective counterpart through the case. All the while, killers and victims alike are unaware the world is about to reach an abrupt catastrophic ending. Apocalypse Kiss


Deatherman A local weatherman is murdered and buried in the woods. But an acid rain storm has brought him back to life and he is back for revenge!
Holiday of The Dead takes place in one near possible future, when a perfect storm of events creates a bloodthirsty Zombie Horde, leading to Martial Law in the US. It is up to three survivors...can they escape? Holiday of the Dead
Abrams Hand Seven friends fight to escape a violent death and struggle with the knowledge that their death's might be punishment from the hand of God.

5 Girls Went Camping…some really bad stuff happened…these are their stories…

Co-ed Campfire Carnage is a horror comedy anthology film starring an all star cast of Texas talent!  There will be blood…lots of it.

Coed Campfire Carnage


Mr Hush Horror icon Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night) returns to classic horror in Mr. Hush.  Holland Price is a devoted husband and loving father.  But unbeknownst to him, evil and darkness have him a marked man.  An idyllic, small Pennsylvania town serves as the background for this epic battle between good and evil.  
Starring Brad Loree (Halloween: Resurrection), Steve Dash (Friday the 13th, Part 2) and Edward X. Young (Sea of Dust).

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