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Park hours:
Friday 5PM-10PM
Saturday Noon-10PM
Sunday 11AM-4PM

Autograph and Vendor Room hours:
Friday 5PM-10PM
Saturday Noon-7PM
Sunday 11AM-4PM


Wild West City shows, Halloween-Style,
throughout the weekend:

Persistent Undertaker- Burying Dan drags his old pine box
out trying to find a willing body to fill it

Sundance Kid- The Sundance Kid rides into town but runs into
Doc Holliday

Saloon Fight- old time cowboy rides into town looking to stir up
some trouble with the younger cowboys

Can Can Dancers: "monster-style"

OK Corral- infamous gun battle between Doc Holliday and
the Earp Brothers vs. the Clantons and McLowrys


Included Wild West City attractions:
pan for gold
barnyard zoo
haunted train ride (weather permitting)


Miniature Golf (for additional fee)


Film and Event Schedule: 
(see below for special events details)

6:30PM Zombie Walk 
8:00PM Malevolence 3 Killer
6:00PM House on Haunted Hill
7:20PM Night of the Living Dead
  All-star Jam
1:00PM Children's Costume Parade
 and Trick or Treating





Friday, October 19th:
Zombie Walk


What better way to start the first day of the convention than with a Zombie Walk through a haunted western town, led by one of the most recognizable "walkers" from The Walking Dead, Jeremy Ambler!

Doors open at 5PM, Zombie Walk will begin at 6:30PM.
(rain or shine) 

(Nothing dangerous or obscene, no weapons allowed or anything messy needing cleanup)
(Please note that celebrities attending this event will not be signing autographs,
but will be signing in the autograph room during scheduled hours)

Jeremy Ambler


Malevolence 3 Killer

Watch Stevan Mena's latest film,
the final chapter of the Malevolence trilogy,
by the haunted graveyard at 8PM
(weather permitting)



Saturday, October 20th:
Classic Movie Double Feature

HOHH  Watch classic horror films
by the haunted graveyard
(weather permitting)

6:00PM House on Haunted Hill
7:20PM Night of the Living Dead

All-Star Jam 

Watch as some of our celebrities close the day's festivities
with a jam at the Opera House
(rain or shine)


Sunday, October 21st:
Children's Costume Parade

On Sunday, October 21st at 1PM, we will have a
children's costume parade followed by
Trick or Treating in the western town.
(weather permitting)

Participants must be 12 and under, and accompanied by an adult.



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